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Marty Chiropractic is a hidden gem! The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful! I've had chronic neck and back pain over the years due to a car accident long ago and was desperate to find relief after another flare up. I was so happy to find Dr. Kari, she is phenomenal! I was back to feeling like my old self and doing my regular activities in no time thanks to her.


I haven't coming to Marty chiropractic in working with almost the same crew since 1999. And they have always worked with me they're always fabulous and friendly. Always trying to improve my health overall. Thank you for everything you ladies and gentlemen do.


The personal are always friendly and helpful. Having a massage before the adjustment makes everything easier but the adjustments are the key issue, and they do a wonderful job. They do an excellent job trying to schedule you in at any time.


I have been seeing Dr. Christine Lynch for 13 years. She has been extremely helpful in my recovery. She takes the time to listen and I feel that she really cares. She is the only Doctor that can get my neck adjusted! Her office staff is polite and friendly. They always manage to get me in, when I need to be seen.

I have recommended a few people to Marty Chiropractic and they seem to be pleased with the results also. If you ask me, this facility is "’top notch!


I appreciate the friendliness of everyone at the office! The care is superb - focused on the patient and not the 'time! I truly appreciate the care and nutritional expertise that Marty Chiropractic provides! As a patient, I have followed Dr. Chris Lynch from West St. Paul to Burnsville! I live in St. Paul, and because of the care I receive, I won't even look for a different, closer chiropractor. I have also treated myself to a cranial sacral massage and a therapeutic massage, and OH WHAT A TREAT they are!!!!! Thanks for taking such great care of me and my family!


I have been coming here for years. Dr. Christina is great has helped a lot. I have seen all of them at different times and they are all great. The front desk girls are also great.


I have been coming to Marty Chiropractic for many years and Dr. Chris has been a wonderful help to me - whether I am dealing with neck or back pain, headaches, bursitis in my shoulder, arthritis in my thumbs or swelling in my legs - Dr. Chris has a wealth of knowledge to provide the relief I need or to prescribe options to address my issues. Dr. Chris and the staff at Marty Chiropractic are always helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and they focus their time on my concerns and work with me to set a plan for treatment. I always feeling welcomed and cared for when I come in for an adjustment. I would recommend Marty Chiropractic to everyone.


I highly recommend Deborah Zenisek and her Craniosacral therapy. When regular migraines were too invasive after a car accident, I tried Deborah. Not only did my headache go away, I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months.

I prefer her healing therapy as I come away feeling pain free and so relaxed. I have highly recommended her to my friends and family.


I really like using Marty Chiropractic. The Burnsville group is professional, friendly and they resolve your problem quickly. I highly recommend using Marty. I won't use another chiropractor.


I have always enjoyed going to Marty chiropractic. They are all very personable and knowledgeable. They have helped me with all sorts of problems, from sports injuries to back pain. Their massages are also very good. I highly recommend this place.


Extremely knowledgeable and competent staff!! They provide high quality care, promoting positive patient outcomes. The patient always comes first. I highly recommend all the staff at Marty Chiropractic!!


If you are looking for a new chiropractic office, I would highly recommend Marty Chiropractic!

My Family and I have been coming to Marty Chiropractic for over 10 years and we are so grateful for all Marty Chiropractic has done for our health. Dr. Chris knows what she is doing and is very experienced in going after the root of the issue, not just the symptoms. Dr. Chris is well versed in Chiropractic but also knows a lot about supplements & nutrition. She has always given advice with the goal in mind to take care of the issue and get us on our way. She is kind and caring along with having great integrity!

Their patient services are amazing and extremely helpful – from the person that answers the phone to the person that greets you, takes you back to the room along with the person who handles all the insurance. They are about making sure you are taken care of and every one of them really seems to love what they do which makes our experience so positive every time we come to Marty Chiropractic.


I tried others and will never try another again. Marty Chiropractic is THE BEST. All the doctors are good, but if Dr. Kristina ever moves, I'll have to follow her. They treat the INDIVIDUAL so you won't walk in and be told "you'll need 20 visits to help your back pain". They'll provide you only the treatment you need; not the maximum visits your insurance will cover. Very fairly priced if self pay and they have a great wellness program that is affordable.

Christine Abbott

Marty Chiropractic is a great place. I have been going there for years. Very professional, clean, and kind. Dr Kris is the best chiropractor I have ever seen. She treats the whole body, listens to my concerns, is gentle and innovative in addressing those concerns. Can't say enough about good about this place.

Deb LeMay

I’ve been coming here for a few years now and have always received excellent care! The staff is always so friendly and accommodating. My migraines have improved tremendously after seeing Dr. Christine Lynch. I am so thankful for this practice and would highly recommend to everyone!

Angela Stevens

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